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What is Plus Placement Recruitment Philosophy?

Our Search Principles We believe that every search assignment is a placement of trust by clients to find them the best candidate, and a placement of confidence by our candidates to find them the best fitting job. To promote a successful search we aim to live up to both expectations by our governing beliefs.


Client’s identification is not revealed till a matching of candidate’s specifications has been established. In the same manner, candidates’ identities are held secret until they have been short-listed. No competitive information is revealed between clients and between candidates. Confidential information received from clients is used only for purposes of conducting the assignment and disclosed only to those individuals within the firm, or potential candidates who need to know the information.


We respect the client expectations and reasons for initiating a search and understand the candidates’ motives for moving. We believe in securing fair deals for both clients and candidates in terms of monetary rewards, which are fair and consistent with skills, expected contribution and professional caliber. Integrity of our processes and people safeguard the interest of our clients and candidates.


Each step of our search is carried out with the highest level of professionalism. Accuracy in finding the right candidate saves time for clients (in terms of job counseling and retraining) and a good career fit for candidates, meaning good performance and success. In trying to achieve high accuracy, we believe in taking time to understand the nature of the job, candidates’ real versus perceived skill sets, the hiring organization’ culture and belief systems, and candidates’ career motivations. We avoid presenting simultaneously the same candidates to more than one client.


We accept only those assignments that will not adversely affect our objectivity and integrity. Any limitations affect our objectivity and integrity. Any limitation arising through relationship with other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment or any business or personal relationship with candidates that might affect of appear to affect or objectivity in conducting the assignment are disclosed to the client. We present information about the client, the position, and the candidate honestly and factually, and include reservations that are pertinent and important to the assignment.


Though our primary relationship is with the client, we establish professional relationship with candidates. These relationships are characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality. In building such relationships, we provide candidates with relevant and accurate information about the client organization and the position, including the requirements, risks and rewards involved. We maintain the confidentiality of information provided by prospective and actual candidate and ensure candidate provide accurate & relevant information about themselves. We secure the individual’s consent before share his or her background information with a client and advise him/her on the status of their candidates (including limitation to advance them) as the search assignment progresses.

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What is Retail Industry ?

Word retailer is a French word which came from retailer which means to cut off. Simplest definition of retails is sales of different goods and services to customers with the intention to make a profit.
Retail is a process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. The term retailer is topically applied where the service provider fills the small order of many individuals, who are end users. Retailing can be done at shops, stores. This includes departmental stores, super markets, market & shopping malls.

What is Plus Placement service philosophy for Retail Industry ?

Our search principles, we believe that PLUS PLACEMENT SERVICES is the Pioneer Retail management consultancy in Mumbai & suburbs specialized providing candidates in retail industry. We promote a successful search. We aim to line up both expectations by our governing beliefs, by providing professional manpower to Retail industry.
Indian retail industry trends & opportunity?
The Indian Retail industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The Indian Retail industry expected to reach Rs 76,87 Lakh crore ₹ in 2020, and is growing 32% every year.India is fifth largest & preferred retail destination globally.

Indian Retail industry Market

Retailing in India is one of the pillars of its economy and contributes 10% of GDP. The Indian Retail market is Rs 76.87 Lakh crore ₹ till 2020.
India is fifth largest and preferred retail destination globally. The country is among the highest in the world in terms of per capita retail stores availability. India’s retail sector is experiencing exponential growth with retail development taking place not just in metros and major cities but also in tier II and III cities. Healthy economic growth changing demographics profile, increasing disposable income, urbanization, changing consumers tastes and preferences are some of the factors driving growth in the organized retail market in India.

International or multinational retail companies in India (multinational retail brands)

The government of India has introduced reforms to attract foreign direct investment FDI in retail industry. The government has approved 51% FDI in multi brand retail and 100% on single brand retail under the automatic routes, which is expected to give a boost to Ease of Doing Business and Make in India scheme and plan to allow 100% FDI in E-commerce. Cumulative FDI inflow stood at US 2 billon dollar. Indian Retail industry attracts US 970 Million dollars from the various private equity funds in 2019.
India will become a favorite market for fashion retailers on the back of a largest young adult consumer base, increasing disposable income and relaxed norms. Walmart, Tesco, Apple, Carrefour, IKEA, Nike are some major brand in India.

Challenges & Solutions for Retailers (retails industry in India)

The Indian Retail industry provides 8% of total jobs in India, but the retailers faces some of challenges due to manpower, that are plugging growth potential are lack of skilled, educated, unprofessional manpower increases operational cost. These charges have been discussed in detail so that the retail industry, which gives rupees 76.87 Lakh crore every year to Indian economy almost 10% of GDP and give 8% of total jobs in India, 32% growth every year should overcome from these problems which Retail industry facing currently. Our research shows that in Indian Retail industry male manpower is 80.7% whereas female is only 19.3%.

Problem & solution for retailers (Retail industry)

Indian Retail industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. The retail industry is constantly in need of extensive manpower, who qualify and capable of handling pressure also who can handle the stiff competition. Since retail industry in India faces one of the fiercest competitions.
Some of the problems which retailers or retail industry facing. The Indian retail industry is 20% shortage of manpower . In Indian retail industry only 63%, manpower are qualified, skilled, professional, rest manpower are coming and joining this industry due to financial, education, family crisis and some other reasons. Like other industry where maximum manpower is educated, skilled, highly professional, in retail industry they are neither so much trained, skilled nor they have seriousness. Even they switch two to three jobs in a year, just to earn some more money. Career is not so much for them. They are just interested in their salaries, commissions, other benefits.
Our suggestion for Retailers, retail companies, Service provider is to give your manpower proper training about job, salary growth, other benefits information. Also keep a good and healthy relationship with your manpower.
It is duty of all retailers (retail industry), Service provider to train your manpower etiquette, dos & don’ts, time management regularly.

Indian online (E-commerce) retail industry market

India's population is taking online retail big way due to smart phone, every India has an internet user base of about 475 Million till july2019 about 40% of its population. It is expected to go 627 million internet users till December 2019.
Revenue generated from online retail is projected to reach Rs 4.19 lakh crore till 2020. Organized online retail penetration is expected to increase 18% in 2021 from an estimated 9% in 2017.India is expected to become world's largest 3 rd online consumer economy reaching 27.95 Lakh crore consumption till 2025. Increasing participation from foreign and private has given boost to online retail industry in India.

Challenges & solutions for online (e-commerce) retail industry

30% of the products that are ordered online leads to returned, refunds subsequently
It wouldn't be surprising if 23% of buyers returned those orders because they don't match the description mentioned in online e-commerce stores.
The worst part is, to get such an item that doesn't match description online. Customers end up spending hours and hours searching, filtrating, sorting and comparing it, on different website e- commerce stores.23% people returned the item. This is due to the reason we discuss problems & solution for online (e- commerce) retailers.
Different online businesses are facing problems due to different reasons. But their pattern is same either electronic items, clothes, footwear or fashion products & solution is same for all.Problem is standardization. Solution is personalization. Industry should solve problems through our advice and try for minimum error in their industry.

About PLUS PLACEMENT SERVICE for Retailers (Retail industry)

We are introducing ourselves as a leading retail management consultancy at Mumbai & suburbs (Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumba & Raigad) since 1998, having Branches all over Mumbai & suburbs. We are specialized in Placement of Candidates to retailers (retail industry) in Mumbai & suburbs to nearby Locations.
Our retail management executive provides the most suitable candidates for you and employ their best talents to contribute to the industrial growth of retail industry. Plus Placement Service avail high quality management and executive search services for the leaders in retail industry. We provide cost effective, time effective, quality service to retailers (retail industry), Service provider, we are Here to Help you, It is our main cause. to get the most suitable manpower for your business.
"Always give people more than to expect to get'. Quotes from Bhagwat Gita, chapter 4 words 11. Is our company policy.

Following are contract between Service provider (retailer, retail industry company) & Plus Placement Service:

1.Decision about salary and other benefits are fully depend upon service providers (retailers) & Candidates. We are not involved in this matter, but salary should be given as per, market, experience. Trends which candidates are very much aware. Maximum Candidates in Retail industry is only interested in their salary and other benefits. So always give salary to manpower as per current salary trends for the position.

2.Before enrolling with us, we want clear & make a contract between service provider (retailers, retail company) & Plus Placement service, we will provide manpower as per your requirements, but we are not held responsible IF

a)Candidates or manpower are not coming for interviews.

b)Candidates are not joining.

c)Candidates left job after few days.

d)We will provide you new candidates but we can’t force someone to join you.

e)The amount paid by you, is neither refundable nor cancelled.

f)Don’t use unparliamentary words with Plus Retail management executives.

g)Plus, Placement Service Office timing is 10 to 7pm. Please call in between.

h)The service provider should acknowledge terms & condition.

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What is Plus Beauty Academy Recruitment Philosophy?

Our Search Principles We believe that we are the first and only one in Mumbai as well as in India, Specialized in providing Placement in Beauty Industry. We Promote a Successful Search We aim to lineup both expectation by our governing beliefs. By providing Organized Training, Grooming professionally unskilled Manpower. In Beauty Salon & Spa Industry


Indian Beauty Salon & Spa Industry is estimated Rs.5000 crore market and is growing at 35% Every Year. The current penetration level are very low in india compared to west, and offers immense scope to scale up exponentially.


The Beauty services consumption in India has been increasing exponentially since last couple of year consumers are becoming more aspiration driven Which has led to evolution of concept of grooming and beauty for both male and female segment in order to enhance their appearance. The spa segment which is new entrant in beauty and wellness industry has well integrated itself consumers are ready to pay premium to pamper themselves with spa services.
Rising affluence of middle class segment has upgrade their consumption life style and increased their willingness to buy beauty product and services. Beauty and Spa services provider (Beauty salon & Spa) have started expanding to tier II and tier III cities as these market provides similar potential as their metro counter parts operational cost for service provider ( salon & spa) are also lower in these comparatively smaller towns service provider (salon & spa) have also started exploring now venues for rejuvenation like Airport, Hotels, Malls. These sp offers 15 or 30 minute Dry foot massage , Shoulder, Back Massage, etc.


The Beauty Services & Spa Industry in India witnessing number of International players. The market which was earlier women centric has started concentrating on male grooming and is coming up with large number of unisex or family salons, Existing players in the market are adopting franchisee route for expansion. The growth showcased by the industry has also caught the interest of private equity and venturecapitol investor who are funding expansion plans of business in the segment.


The Beauty Salon & Spa Industry like any other industry faces certain challenges some of these challenges that are plauging growth potential are lack of skilled educated professional manpower organized training, increased operational cost. These challenges have been discussed in detail. So that the Industry which have 5000 crore market, 35% growth every year should over come from these problem which Salon & Spa Industry facing currently.


In Salon & Spa Industry as compared to other Industry where manpower are highly educated, well groomed having awareness about their job responsibility, their Duties they are well professional. But in Salon & Spa Industry where 80% of manpower, cuming in this Industry due to Family, Financial Crises, are not so much educated, don’t have much awareness about job & current market. Manpower just take training from local parlours and they join some Salon. They don’t know how and what to talk with Service Provider, as well as Clients, Even it is seen that maximum manpower are just interested in salary. They don’t have professionalism in their attitude. Even manpower (staff) starts arguing with each other in front of clients, as well as in front of Service Provider for all these problems the Service Provider (Salon & Spa) required some guidelines for manpowers to train professionally. By which Beauty Salon & Spa Industry Like other Industry should be Organised and train their staff (manpower).

Its duty of all individual Service Provider to give proper training about:

1.How to be presentable in Salon & Spa?

2.How to behave/ talk with clients in Salon & Spa?

3.How to keep self & Salon Hygenic?

4.How & what to talk with clients to improve business?

5.Time management about all services- (How much time to take for each services)?

6.How to keep relationship with colleagues, staff, owner (service provider)?

Though our relationship is with the clients we established professional relationship with manpower. These relationship are character by honestly, objectively, assessing and respect and confidentially in building such relationship.

‘Our aim is to Organise Service Provider (Beauty & Salon and Spa Industry) of India like any other Industry’

We are introducing ourselves as a First & Only One Beauty Management consultancy at Mumbai and Thane since 1996, Having Branches all over Mumbai And Suburbs. We are specialized in placement of candidates in Hair, Beauty, Therapist, Receptionist, Front desk executive, Salon Manager, Business development manager, Sales & Marketing executive for (Product Marketing). In Salon& Spa , 5 Star Hotels, Cruise, Multinationals.


1.Decision about salary is fully depend on the service provider (Salon & Spa owner And Candidate we are not involve in any salary matter. But salary should be as per Trend, Market, experience which experienced candidates are very much aware. Every candidate in Beauty Industry is only interested in salary they are not interested much in Learning New things. So always give salary to your staff (manpower) as per current salary experience.

2.Before enrolling with us we want to clear & make a contract between service provider beauty, salon & spa industry & plus placement services that we are here to provide staff as per your requirement but we are not held responsible if ,

a)Candidates are not coming for interview

b)If candidates are not joining you after selection.

c)Or candidates left job after sometime.

d)We will provide you other candidate but we cant force anyone to join you.

e)The amount which you pay us is for one year services. So its not refundable.

f)Same time you also have to give under taking that you are agreed with our terms & you will behave professionally with us.

g)If Employer or some one call us & talk in unparlimentry language then we are having authority to terminate the service. If service providers employees are agreed then undersigned below Terms & conditions. One copy of same will be with us. As your acceptance.

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